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This year, America will mark the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Award-winning author Nora Raleigh Baskin has written a touching look at the days leading up to the tragic events, and how that day impacted the lives of four middle schoolers. Written for a generation born after 9/11, Baskin weaves together their stories into an unforgettable novel about that seemingly perfect September day—the day our world changed forever.

Also in this issue, we meet Marcie Colleen, who invites us into her super happy world of children's books; Pam Saxelby, who tells us how she turned her love of reading children's stories into writing her own; Sharon Wozny, who has written a comforting resource for siblings of cancer patients; Mary C. Paul, who is delivering boxes of love and hope to children in need; and our special contributor is Dr. Lynn A. Wicker, who offers tips on how to coach your kids to academic success!

To our young readers, we hope you have the best first day of school ever, and a great school year!

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