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In the March issue of StoryMonsters Ink...

Jennifer Bisignano Serves Enthusiasm That Kids Eat Up!

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Also in this issue:
A Chance Meeting
Known to each other as “the pen” and “the pencil,” it’s astonishing that Mark Watson and Pablo Michau ever crossed paths, but they did and their partnership has resulted in award-winning illustrated children's books...

Conrad's Classroom
Spring in the desert means sunny days, blue skies and lots of blossoms and blooms. Spring also means snakes. To be specific, it is time for rattlesnakes...

Amber Nieves Tells a Tale about Diverse Friendships
Friendships are important at every age, and they form between creatures of all shapes and sizes. Some of the closest friends have a shaggy fur coat and a wagging tail or a soft purr and long, twitchy whiskers. In extraordinary cases (or perhaps, more often than you’d think), a friend might even be covered in feathers...

Monster Book Review
This month’s book review tells the story of a very special fairy...

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