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In the January issue of StoryMonsters Ink...

U.S. Air Force Colonel and NASA Astronaut Jerry L. Ross is on a mission to help kids reach for the stars!

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Also in this issue:
Meet Libby Atwater, Double Dragonfly Award Winner
A journalist and personal historian, Libby has been helping others write their stories for 25 years. All the while, she knew she had a story of her own, but didn’t know how to tell it ... until now.

Conrad's Classroom
January usually means that it’s cold or flu season. At some point, there will be plenty of coughing and sneezing and hacking going on at school, at work and at home. Conrad tells us all about bacteria ...

The Water Cycle Can be a Wild, Wonderful Ride
Few things on this planet are more important than water. Set to release in March, Pitter and Patter by Martha Sullivan and illustrated by Cathy Morrison brings the water cycle to life in a fun and engaging way, from cloud to ocean, again and again.

Teacher of the Month
January’s Teacher of the Month is Erin Pate, who teaches third grade at Rocky Hill Elementary School in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her student, Grey Carrasco, sent us a letter nominating Ms. Pate.

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