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The one constant theme of Kate DiCamillo’s writing is hope in the midst of unfortunate circumstances, and her readers of all ages have come to expect it and appreciate it. The title character of DiCamillo’s new book, Raymie Nightingale, emerges as yet another memorable personality, this one inspired by DiCamillo herself as a young girl. Our hope is that Kate never stops writing. Also in this issue, we talk to Ylleya Fields, who was surprised by the lack of diversity she found in children’s books when looking for titles for her children, so she wrote her own. Author and philanthropist Alane Adams has won over the middle grade set with her interactive, location-specific game, BattleKasters, and kids are also reaching for the book that spawned it. Rita Campbell inspires a love of gardening in young readers with her adorable picture book and a little help from some magical fairy friends, and we meet six-year-old Alexa Walker, a very special little girl with a strong will and fighting spirit. Our special contributor this month is author Julie Woik, who tells us that yes, children do still read!

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