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Following in his father‘s footsteps, Rick D. Niece, Ph.D., is a lifelong educator who has served as a classroom teacher, a public school administrator and a university professor, provost and president. In 1997, he was named President of the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas, and where he remained steadfast in his devotion to the University's success. Upon his retirement in July 2013, he was named President Emeritus of the University of the Ozarks.

A small-town boy who has maintained his small-town values, Dr. Niece remembers his childhood with fond nostalgia. Growing up in picturesque DeGraff, Ohio, young Rickie was influenced by many endearing friends and neighbors who taught him the important life lessons that shaped his future--especially Bernie Jones. Confined to a wheelchair with severe cerebral palsy, Bernie became Rickie‘s friend, inspiration and superhero, opening a world of compassion, trust and adventure that benefitted them both. From Bernie, Rickie learned the value of unconditional acceptance, kindness and the triumph of the human spirit--lessons he took with him from his years as a newspaper boy to a career in academia.

Side-Yard Superhero is Dr. Niece‘s first book in the Fanfare for a Hometown series about his upbringing in DeGraff, an "automythography" describing his childhood in rich, vivid detail. Considering himself a "memory keeper," Niece takes readers with him on a poignant journey back in time to a safe haven of heartfelt remembrance. Vibrant, poetic and charming, his stories make DeGraff an open book that everyone who appreciates sentiment will want to read.

Dr. Niece is the recipient of multiple awards, both as an author and an educator. He and his wife, Sheree, are now retired and living in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. Rick is now able to devote more time to his writing and is available for speaking engagements.

Fanfare for a Hometown Series - Book 1
Side-Yard Superhero: Life Lessons From An
Unlikely Teacher

Growing up in small-town DeGraff, Ohio, teaches Rick Niece that life’s best moments are the innocent ones, especially when seen through the eyes of his hero, Bernie Jones. Born with cerebral palsy, Bernie teaches Rickie that the indomitable human spirit can never be confined.

Fanfare for a Hometown Series - Book 2
The Band Plays On: Going Home For A Music Man's Encore

Celebrating the soul of America's heartland, The Band Plays On is Rick Niece's heartfelt tribute to friendship, community, and, most importantly, his father, Lewis Niece.

Fanfare for a Hometown Series - Book 3
Perfect in Memory: A Son's Tribute to His Mother

Perfect in Memory celebrates the life of Rick D. Niece’s beloved mother, Dortha Jean “Dodie” Niece. Written as
a tribute to a remarkable woman, Niece’s heartfelt remembrances focus with tender reflection on the richness that makes life so beautiful.

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Author Rick D. Niece