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CHANDLER, AZ (July, 2011) - Children's fairytales and movies often give stepparents a bad rap, shuttering their minds to the wonderful things an additional parent can bring into their lives before they even have a chance to consider the positive possibilities. To right that wrong, My Bonus Mom! Taking the Step out of Stepmom, written by Tami Butcher, shows children who come from divorced families that a positive attitude can lead to a very happy outcome, thereby springing open the hearts and minds of children to accept their own "bonus moms."

In rhythmic verse appropriate for ages 8 and younger, My Bonus Mom! captures the mixed emotions that surge through young children as they deal with their parents divorce and adjust to their father's remarriage. As the children work through their feelings of dismay, fear and anger, they grow to love dad's new wife, whom they come to think of as their "bonus mom." Twice the attention, twice the love, twice the fun and twice as many birthday presents! What's not to love?

The inspiration for My Bonus Mom! comes from Butcher's own childhood. "I wrote this book to show those who come from divorced families that there can be a very happy outcome," explains Butcher. "Oftentimes people focus on the negative when there can be a positive side to divorce. My bonus mom, Nancy, has been an incredible mother and grandmother to me, my sisters and our children!"

Currently, Butcher resides in Chandler, Ariz. with her husband and three children, where she helps with the family restaurant business. Her mother and "bonus dad" own two popular restaurants in Phoenix, Rustler's Rooste Steakhouse and Aunt Chilada's. Tami and her three children love to travel to Southern California during baseball season as her husband, Mike, is the pitching coach for the LA Angels of Anaheim. He has been with the Angels for 21 years as both a player and a coach.

My Bonus Mom! Taking the Step out of Stepmom Stepmom (ISBN: 978-1-58985-081-1, hardcover, $16.95; 978-1-58985-082-8, eBook, $5.95) is a Five Star Publications, Inc. product that can be purchased through,,,, Pacific Four Sales, and For more about the book, visit

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Tami, Madison, Tatum, Brooks and Mike Butcher

Bonus Mom, Nancy Jefferies, Tami Butcher and Mom, Candice Nagel

Mike and Tami Butcher

"This book beautifully captures the step-parent and how
he/she can be a wonderful added gift to a family. It is a
great way to dispel the evil stepmother. label that has
been drilled into our society by old fairy tales. Happily
ever after and Step Parents CAN go hand in hand."

-Bill and Gail Engvall, Comedian, Televison Star of "The Bill Engvall Show" and "Blue Collar Comedy Tour"

"I love it! My Bonus Mom! is a breath of fresh air for children and parents alike in what oftentimes feels to them less than fresh. Tami has truly shown us what it's like to "live" in the glass that is half full and surpass our wildest dreams. This is a must read for all parents and would-be parents. Thanks, Tami, for inspiring us to live our lives regardless of the environment and be thankful."

-Scott Crouch, owner, Keller Williams Real Estate

"Tami has thoughtfully and directly dealt with a topic generally associated with negative stereotypes in our society. While her words should be recommended reading to children involved in stepfamily situations, they are of equal importance to the adults involved as well. This book shows a combined family is not about making a choice of one or the other, rather it is an opportunity filled with endless positive possibilities. "The best interests of the children" is a frequent phrase in the world of divorce and stepfamilies. Tami successfully provides a road map with potential positive long-term effects for a child and family."

-Tim Mead, V.P. LA Angels of Anaheim