Who is this woman?

Is she going to replace mommy?

Will daddy love her more than me?

What if she doesn't like going to the zoo?

When children of divorced or widowed parents first hear of their father's intention to remarry, they not only have to work through their own fears and feelings of uncertainty, they have to battle with century-old fairytales and modern movies that depict stepmothers as evil. However, Tami Butcher's first book in a series of books that address family matters in child-friendly rhyme opens the doors to their hearts and minds, by showing kids the positive possibilities of gaining a "bonus mom."

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Top: Sisters, Jenni O'Brien, Tiffany Allison, Michele Woods
Bottom: Bonus Mom Nancy, Tami, Mom CandicePhoto by Diana Wright Kafka

Top: JD Allison, Michele Woods, Bonus Dad Ken, Dad Dan, Kyle Woods, Makenna Woods, Jim O'Brien, Riley O'Brien, Middle: Conor O'Brien, Jenni O'Brien, Mom Candice, Tami, Bonus Mom Nancy, Elle O'Brien, Tiffany Allison, Brooks Butcher, Bottom: Tatum Butcher, Katie Woods, Madison Bucher
Photo by Diana Wright Kafka