"Author Sharon Ritt's fascination with this quirky bird ...

...and love of the desert is contagious! Read, or better yet, sing this story with your toddlers as you take a colorful journey following Georgy the Gambel's quail on his adventure. Children will delight in meeting desert critters richly illustrated by Nadia Komorova. Adults will appreciate the additional information about Sonoran desert plants and wildlife at the back of the book. It's a desert adventure everyone will enjoy."

— Barbara Gowan
2010 Judy Goddard Libraries, Ltd. Arizona Children's Author

"Author Sharon Ritt's first picture book ...

...GQ GQ. Where Are You? Adventures of a Gambel's Quail, is a lovely introduction for young readers to one of the desert's cutest critters. Her verse is simple, yet eloquent, and lots of fun to read. Artist Nadia Komorova's beautifully rendered illustrations add a dazzling splash of color that makes turning the page to see what comes next a true pleasure. I have a place reserved for this book in my library."

— Conrad J. Storad
Award-Winning Arizona Children's Author

Desert Story Features Familiar Character

“Plenty of children’s books rely on animals acting like humans, dressing in clothes and portraying human traits to tell the story, but sometimes animals can be animals.

Arizona author, Sharon I. Ritt’s book, GQ GQ, Where Are You? (Little Five Star, 2013) is about a Gambel’s quail, going about his day in the Sonoran desert. His name is Georgy , though he goes by GQ. So yes he has a human name, which I’m glad is not Quigley Quail as one of my pet peeves is alliterative animal names in children’s books.

The best thing about this book for Valley children is seeing and hearing GQ on a regular basis since Gambel’s quail are ubiquitous in the Valley and they make themselves heard, calling to one another to keep track of the covey or to give warning.

The book narrates GQ’s day in the desert as he encounters other animals and plants. The language is simple and often the second line on the page repeats, much like the quail calling out to the covey.

The illustrations by Nadia Komorova are suitably cute, because, let’s face it, Gambel’s quail are cute animals with their round bodies and dashing plume on top of their heads. The plants and animals of our desert are accurately drawn and kids will get to see in real life what they see in the book; A nice connection between literature and nature.

The story is written simply and perfect for a beginning reader or as read aloud. The end of the book has a few pages describing desert plants and animals, The young kids for whom this book is written will need the descriptive text read to them, but as they get older they’ll be able to enjoy the story again on their own and read the descriptive text as well.

The book comes with a CD to sing the story with music. I didn’t have the CD since the book is just a review copy but you can hear an excerpt on the book’s website.”

— Daniel Friedman,

Jul 25, 2013

"GQ GQ. Where are You? Adventures of a Gambel’s Quail is a great book ...

...for younger audiences who don't have loads of attention to give and are just getting a handle on sounding words out. The colorful little tome, written by Sharon I. Ritt and illustrated by Nadia Komorova, follows a curious Gambel’s quail as he leaves home to look for playmates and explore the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona. The book is full of interesting plants and animals that GQ encounters on his journey; but as night comes and darkness gathers, he decides the best place to be is home. The book comes with a CD that includes narration by the author and a sing-along version of the story set to the tune of 'Frère Jacques' with musical accompaniment. The book also features an illustrated non-fiction section detailing some of the plants and animals in the story and a special section loaded with fun ideas for activities at home and school."

— Liesel Schmidt, Finding Words

Jul 24, 2013
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"GQ, a curious Gambel’s quail, is on a search for playmates ... the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona. GQ meets some of the interesting animals that live in the desert as he continues on his adventure, but he soon decides the best place to be is home. The gorgeous illustrations and additional illustrated glossary help bring the desert ecosystem to life. Included is a CD that has the author’s narration as well as a sing-along version of the book. Picture book."

— Minnesota Parent

Jul 20, 2013
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“This is by far my favorite children’s book to date ...

...I am so impressed by how interactive the story is with the accompanying CD. Not only is there a track of the author’s narration, but she also does a sing-along, and my daughter’s can’t get enough. I haven’t been able to get the book back from them since it arrived in the mail. Because of these wonderful options, which allows kids to enjoy the book in more than just one way, we decided the girls would sing for you today, instead of having me read the book.

Before we get to the cuteness, I want to mention another unique and truly beneficial quality about this book. The plants and animals that GQ encounters have a small corresponding paragraph of information in the back of the book. If your child doesn’t know what a cholla is, that’s OK because the knowledge is at your fingertips. My children love books that not only have a great story and pretty pictures, but teach them something in the process. This book provides it all! The illustrations are stunning. Everything looks so real and vibrant, like you are actually on an adventure with GQ in the desert, which keeps the attention of everyone reading it. Brilliant job to both the author and the illustrator!”

— Toni, My Book Addiction

Jul 16, 2013
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July’s Pick: GQ GQ. Where Are You?

"GQ GQ. Where Are You? Adventures of a Gambel’s Quail is a fun story about the day in the life of a curious young quail named Georgy, better known as GQ. My son loves that this little guy has a nickname! GQ is a young quail that loves to explore the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona. Throughout this story, young GQ comes across many other plants and animals that live in the desert. Since my children are just as curious as young GQ, I was thrilled to discover this book has a non-fiction section loaded with detailed descriptions about several of the animals and plants in the story. The first time we read GQ GQ. Where Are You? Adventures of a Gambel’s Quail, my 5-year-old immediately asked me if coyotes really live in the desert. Thanks to the paragraph in the back of this book about the coyote, I was able to give my son a detailed and well-informed answer!

The non-fiction section of this book is a great resource for parents and I wish more authors would include facts and activities related to their stories. GQ GQ. Where Are You? Adventures of a Gambel’s Quail is fun book for any child but the bonus features in this book provide you with fun activities you can try at home or in school if you home school or are a teacher!

Author Sharon Ritt also included a bonus CD with her book, GQ GQ. Where Are You? Adventures of a Gambel’s Quail. This CD includes a narration of the story by Sharon Ritt as well as a sing-along version to the tune of “Frère Jacques” with musical accompaniment. The features on this CD allow for my children to experience this book in many different ways. The CD encourages children to explore the book independently. I find books that come with a CD to be great for road trips. Since I can’t really read to my kids in the car, the CD allows for them to hold the book and follow along to the narrator reading to them. We especially like to “sing” this story to the tune of “Frère Jacques." We do a lot of traveling during the summer months so this book has gone on quite a few road trips already!"

— The Children's Nook

Jul 11, 2013
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A Kid's Review of GQ GQ. Where Are You? Adventures of a Gambel's Quail



"My name is Madison and I'm 9 years old. I love the art in my GQ GQ. Where Are You? book because it is unique and GQ looks so cuddly. I like that you can sing the story, and I really like the mouse because it is poking out of the cactus! I like that this good gives information about different plants and animals in the desert in a special section at the end of the book. I had fun making two paper plate puppets from the story. One was a mouse and one was Georgy. I think kids all over the world will love this book!"

— Madison, Age 9

Jul 04, 2013

"I enjoyed reading and listening to the story of GQ ...

...Young children will love the story in song and older children will enjoy the facts included within the book. The author uses a rich desert vocabulary that crosses age lines. The story is fun as well as educational!"

— Linda Colburn, Kindergarten Teacher
Redfield Elementary School, Scottsdale, Arizona

"What an adorable story! ...

...It provides an engaging way to learn about the delightful and 'well dressed' Gambel's quail of the Sonoran Desert. Young readers will easily follow the rhyme and repetition of the story as well as learn about the desert as GQ makes his day's journey. The pictures are exquisite and capture the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. The resource materials provide very clear, detailed descriptions of the common cacti and other plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert. Coupled with the story, they are just what a teacher needs to enhance lessons on the desert with elementary students!"

— Gayle Rocca, 3rd Grade Teacher
Tavan Elementary School, Phoenix, Arizona

"GQ GQ. Where Are You? ... a treasure in book form that strikes the perfect balance between fiction and non-fiction. This heartfelt story of a curious Gambel's Quail exploring his surroundings in the Sonoran Desert reveals many living things that are found in this unique desert. What is more, each of these special plants and animals is described accurately in child-friendly language to engage youngsters in further discovery about GQ's habitat. The activities included are an excellent springboard for parents and teachers alike as they seek to foster the love of learning in and spark the creativity of their children."

— Jill Schadt, Gifted Specialist
Cherokee Elementary School, Scottsdale, Arizona

"GQ GQ. Where are You? Adventures of a Gambel's Quail ... an exciting journey through a beautiful desert that children will want to take over and over again. The colorful pictures depicting desert plants and animals help readers learn about this unique landscape as they follow GQ on his adventures. The accompanying audio CD and information about desert environments creates a multi-dimensional experience that is musical, educational and fun."

— Marjorie Moss, parent