The Jewel of the Creek Preserve , the setting for Three Clever Coyote Pups (Tres Listos Coyotitos), is a beautiful 26-acre desert area where Sharon Ritt and her husband like to take walks. It is located just north of the Town of Cave Creek near Phoenix, Arizona. It has many tall cottonwood, willow, mesquite, and ash trees, as well as many saguaros. The have seen coyotes, javelinas, raccoons, and many native birds such as cardinals and hawks. You have to walk across waterways in the creek to get to the other side of the trail. In the spring, when the water is high, often there will be a wooden platform to walk over.

How lucky we are that the Desert Foothills Land Trust has secured this land for many generations to come!

We invite you to come and experience the Jewel of the Creek Preserve in person!


  • Take Cave Creek Ranch Road to Spur Cross Road. A sign there directs travelers to the "Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area." The Preserve is about four miles north of Cave Creek Road.

  • The last one and one-half miles is a dirt road, but most vehicles will be able to travel there.

  • When you reach the riding stable on the right, the entrance to the Jewel of the Creek parking area will be on the left.

  • Follow the entrance sign which will take you along a trail that descends into the canyon. This area will lead you to the main paths of the "Jewel of the Creek."

Map to Jewel of the Creek

Have fun exploring this wonderful desert oasis!