Sharon I. Ritt received her Doctorate in Curriculum K-12 at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. She taught grades 5-6 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee before moving to Arizona where she taught at Northern Arizona University in the Center for Excellence in Education. Later, Sharon moved to southern Arizona to continue teaching Language Arts, Reading and English as a Second Language to students in grades K-6.

She currently works with children as a storyteller and singer in public schools, libraries and parks throughout Arizona and in other states. In addition to her new book, Three Clever Coyote Pups (Tres Listos Coyotitos), Sharon published the highly acclaimed picture book, GQ GQ. Where Are You? Adventures of a Gambel’s Quail, and two CDS for children—“Sing Softly with Sharon: Lullabies from Around the World” and “Sing Silly with Sharon.”

Sharon and her husband, Leonard, enjoy traveling to National Parks in the United States and visiting cities around the world. Their favorite outdoor activities are hiking in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve in Scottsdale and exploring other natural areas in Arizona.


Three Clever Coyote Pups (Tres Listos Coyotitos)

Alex Lopez is a self-taught artist whose career initially developed in the video game industry for companies including SEGA, 2K Games and Konami. He also provided artistic production and management services for Disney Interactive, Dynamite Comics and Stanford University. He is proficient with numerous print, digital and multimedia genres and currently serves as an art director, building and training artistic teams. Residing in California's Silicon Valley with his wife and identical triplet daughters, Lopez has a strong passion for enhancing his skills as an artist; yet, his true joy comes from spending time with his family. Lopez has also illustrated Gator, Gator, Second Grader (Classroom Pet…Or Not?) by the award-winning Conrad J. Storad and The Tiniest Tumbleweed by first-time author Kathy Peach.

GQ GQ. Where Are You? Adventures of a Gambel's Quail

Born in Czechoslovakia, Nadia Komorova studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, where she also received instruction in classical piano, the music of which continues to fill her studio as she creates her paintings. Nadia uses any traditional medium, as well as the digital approach in her work. She has illustrated several children's titles for Five Star Publications, Inc., including Horrifa's Magic Makeover: "Witch" Way to the Ball? and Alfie's Bark Mitzvah.


Susan Schein Pollack has had both a life-long commitment to language learning and a love of the Spanish language and literature. She has used her language skills in Spanish and French in hospitals, charity events, and as an interpreter for the Rural Metro Fire Department. She has taught several levels of Spanish from beginning study through Spanish 5 Advanced Placement, for which her students were able to receive college credit. Susan taught Spanish language classes while doing graduate work in Spanish literature at Arizona State University. After retiring from teaching in 2003, Susan has continued to give private language lessons. She is married and has three adult children and six grandchildren.


Three Clever Coyote Pups (Tres Listos Coyotitos)

Conrad J. Storad is an award-winning author and editor of more than 50 science and nature books for children and young adults, including the “USA Best Book” Rattlesnake Rules, the ONEBOOKAZ for Kids 2012 selection Arizona Way Out West & Witty, and Gator, Gator, Second Grader (Classroom Pet…or Not?). He holds an undergraduate degree in mass media communication from the University of Akron and a master’s degree in mass communication/science journalism from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

GQ GQ. Where Are You? Adventures of a Gambel's Quail

Cristy Bertini has been a freelance editor, copywriter and proofreader for more than five years and currently serves as editor-in-chief of Story Monsters Ink magazine. She is the coordinator of the Story Monster Approved! and Dragonfly Book Awards programs. Cristy resides in Hardwick, Massachusetts with her husband Tod, and their two children.