Welcome to Five Star Scripts

"Even the most beautifully written,
perfectly edited and well-designed
books will fail if people aren't made
aware of them!"
Linda Radke, President of Five Star Publications.

Novels are prevalent in our society. Anybody who has spent a day in a classroom has seen a book. Not everyone has seen a screenplay or TV pilot in its raw form. They watch it as a finished production at the movies or on their televisions.

Writing is also a "field of desire." Maybe a writer finds their niche in one place and feels passionate about staying there. Most novelists probably find script writing tedious. Many screenwriters may find novels to be too much darn work.

In theory, they're both a lot of work. Sometimes a great novel or manuscript--that would otherwise go unnoticed--could reach the masses were it in a "simpler" format. Writing a script is not easier, just different and more technical. It translates a piece of literature through dialogue alone and while writing dialogue may require fewer words, it doesn't require less brain power. This is where a team of film/TV producers and screenwriters who understand format, marketing and the selling power behind a great story come into play. Mostly, Hollywood producers understand who to hire to get the project made, how to consult the writer(s) and give direction, and who and how to sell the project once the screenplay or pilot is complete.

With 25 years of publishing and marketing experience under her belt, Five Star President Linda F. Radke has joined forces with former actor and award-winning author and screenwriter Lisa Cerasoli to provide Hollywood hopefuls with industry connections and scriptwriting know-how to turn a great book into a great movie.